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Project List Samples
  • Electrical installation of and automation of beverage plant 250 valve matrix, ControlLogix PLC and Intouch SCADA
  • Automation of new liquid filling line and packaging line for large beverage Manufacturing Line and ABB robot work cell, including OEE and product labelling, barcode scanning and communication with ERP system
  • Upgrade of manufacturing machine control system in medical device industry including electrical panels, PLC and SCADA
  • Web based environmental reporting system
  • PLCs
  • Batch Manufacturing Systems
  • Electrical installation of security system and power distribution upgrade
  • Pharmaceutical inactivation skid, Alpharma, Siemens
  • Plant energy monitoring systems
  • Pharmaceutical COP washer Olympus, Mitsubishi
  • 2000 amp power distribution system for Bushmill distillery
  • Process system SCADA upgraded at leading brewery
  • Plant Distributed Control System 3000 I/O, 100 AC drives
  • Electrical maintenance & 24/7 automation support contracts
  • Control System Software in medical device industry: version control, back up and disaster recovery installation (Autosave)
  • Pharmaceutical "Continuous Effluent Decontamination System" skid, Intervet, UK, Siemens PLC and HIM, Cimplicity SCADA
  • Total Quality Management system installed in Pharmaceutical industry
  • Pharmaceutical "Purified Water Storage and Distribution System" skid, Alpharma, UK, Siemens PLC and HMI
  • Pharmaceutical "Bio-Contaminated Effluent Inactivation System" skid, NBC, UK, Allen Bradley PLC, RSView SE SCADA and RSHistorian Data Logging and Display
  • Pharmaceutical "Purified Water Generation and Distribution System" skid and user points, Boots, UK, Siemens PLC and HMI's) and Wonderware Intouch
PLC Network BMSCompresser